The Great Thanksgiving Escape by Mark Fearing

When I was little, large family get-togethers were basically excuses for the children to stuff our faces and hang out with cousins whom we rarely met up with. In fact, the only childhood memories I have of such occasions are that of eating and playing. And that, basically, sums up The Great Thanksgiving Escape, which gives a kid-centric view of a big family gathering — thanksgiving dinner, in this case — and reminds us how startlingly fresh and different a kid’s point of view can be from that of stodgy grownups and emotionally detached teenagers.

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Vampire Baby by Kelly Bennett and Paul Meisel

When two sharp canine teeth appear in little Tootie’s mouth, seemingly overnight, the adorable toddler turns into a serial biter who sinks her “fangs” everywhere — and unfortunately for her big brother, she seems to find him particularly tasty… *Youch!* Could it be that she’s really a vampire baby?! (It sure doesn’t help that she seems to favour blood-red food and sleeps really poorly at night…)

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