Hondo & Fabian by Peter McCarty

Hondo and Fabian is about a pair of house pets living under the same roof. They get along amicably, but as one is a cat (Fabian) and the other is a dog (Hondo), they tend to do their own thing during much of the day, only reuniting at night. With short, simple sentences, this book thus describes one such day, with Hondo being taken to the beach to frolic in the waves with another dog, while Fabian stays at home to “play” (very reluctantly) with a baby/toddler.


This gentle book with luminous, soft illustrations of the two pets is simple but true to life, and hence, not particularly exciting and will not appeal to everyone. However, its very simplicity holds a quiet charm that may win over a few hearts, particularly that of babies and toddlers who have pets at home, or who simply like cats/dogs/animals in general. I wasn’t bowled over when I first read it, but seeing my daughter fall immediately in love with the story and illustrations — oddly enough, it wasn’t either of the pets but the little girl (terrorising the cat) who made the deepest impression on her — has made me grow to enjoy it too. She has since dubbed it the “baby book” and made many requests for it to be read to her.

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