How to Raise a Dinosaur by Natasha Wing and Pablo Bernasconi

Dinosaurs are extinct — this we all know. But which young dinosaur fan hasn’t fantasised about keeping one for a pet? How to Raise a Dinosaur thus builds on this fantastical and make-believe scenario by providing a how-to guide for aspiring dinosaur-owners, offering tips on how to choose and care for one’s prehistoric pet of choice.

The text is written in point form, which is great for beginner readers to attempt on their own — and the best part is, it even reads like a proper (normal) pet-care book! The illustrations juxtaposed with the sensible text, though, tell a whole other story by depicting the challenges (albeit portrayed hilariously) of keeping a dinosaur as a pet, and are most definitely the highlight of the book.


The dinosaurs pictured here are reassuringly cartoony rather than intimidating (necessary for any kid to consider keeping them as pets!) and there are numerous flaps throughout the book to give an almost three-dimensional, interactive and fun reading experience. A great read for young dinosaur fans.

Check out the book trailer below:

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