Penguins by Liz Pichon

The penguins in the zoo are having an ordinary day — doing what penguins do with people gawking at them — when they find something that was dropped into the enclosure (it’s not sealed). The curious penguins soon discover that it’s a camera and have some fun with it before putting it back where they found it. The camera is eventually reunited with its owner, a little girl, who gets a pleasant surprise when the roll of film is developed.


Penguins is a quirky book that requires you to suspend your disbelief when you read it (no, not about the part where people still use film, but that the kid didn’t immediately cry bloody murder when she dropped the camera and the parents didn’t discover the loss until the next day), but it’s fun to imagine the funny things that zoo animals do when we’re not looking — instead of the likely reality of them being bored stiff in their glorified cages. A good read with cute illustrations that little penguin fans will enjoy.

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