Sounds of the Wild: Ocean by Maurice Pledger

Reading Sounds of the Wild: Ocean is quite possibly the next best thing to bringing your kids to the ocean, or better yet, deep-sea diving.

Since the latter is not feasible and it’s unlikely that most kids will be lucky enough to get a chance to get up close to marine animals, this book does an amazing job of bringing the sights and sounds of the ocean right to them.

Featuring realistic pop-up illustrations of the creatures that can be found 1) on the seashore; 2) in the Atlantic Ocean; 3) in the warm Caribbean waters; 4) on the Great Barrier Reef; 5) in the Antarctic Ocean, the book also has a very cool mechanism where opening up the pop-up pages will also trigger the appropriate sounds, associated with the scenes shown, to be played, e.g. the squawking of seagulls, the song of a humpback whale, the chattering of dolphins, etc. There are also useful notes and labels before/after each spread to help you identify all the creatures shown and to tell you a little bit about them.


I stumbled upon this fantastic series of pop-up books when my son began asking what sounds random animals — say, a swan — made, so I figured he would like the books. I was wrong — he absolutely loves them. We also got the Nighttime book, the Bugs book, the Safari book and the Dinosaurs book, and would highly recommend all of them. The best thing is, the battery powering the sound is easily replaceable, so the books will last indefinitely if treated with care.

If you liked this, check out the other books in this series:

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