The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett

In The Odd Egg, a duck feels left out when she sees that all the other birds have each laid an egg and are excitedly waiting for them to hatch. So when she finds a large white egg with green spots, she is very happy even though the other birds openly disparage it. One by one, the birds’ eggs hatch, until only duck’s egg is left. Then finally, when it hatches, the baby emerges to give the other birds (and the readers!) a big shock.


This is a funny story with a simple message about how we shouldn’t judge things by their appearance; it can also be read as a cute adoption story. The illustrations in this book have a sketch-like, colour-pencil quality that is easy on the eye. Some pages also have a fun, interactive element where there are creatively stepped flaps (like The Very Hungry Caterpillar) that the reader has to flip to reveal the babies that emerge when the eggs hatch — including the big surprise at the end.

Note: This is not a book for people who regard somewhat aggressive-looking animals as objectionable in children’s books — although, in this case, it’s necessary for the story to work. For the record, we found the book hilarious. and have no issues with it, particularly if it’s read to the correct age group.

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