What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

I don’t think there are many kids out there who are NOT fascinated by all manners of creatures. Hence, this book, which highlights how some animals use the same body part — nose, tail, eyes, ears, feet — in different ways, will be a hit with budding little zoologists who have an insatiable appetite for little nuggets of animal trivia.


The format of the book reads a little like a feature in a children’s Science magazine — in a good way — beginning with a teaser spread showing five markedly different animal noses without identifying them, along with the question, “What do you do with a nose like this?” Turning the page then reveals the owners of the noses as well as a concise description of the amazing ways in which each animal uses its nose. Fun examples of the ears, eyes, mouths and feet of various (different) animals are also covered in the same orderly way. What makes this book a notch above the usual cookie-cutter and somewhat dry animal-facts books, is the fun and creative way in which the information has been organised and explained, so that kids can focus on one part of the anatomy to make comparisons between animals. The artwork (all done using torn-paper collages), as well as the well-researched and -chosen examples are also evidence of the care and thought that have been put in by the authors to engage young readers.

For ever-inquiring minds (and the convenience of parents), there are handy notes at the back that provide more information about all the animals that have been featured in the book, for easy reference.

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