Z Is for Moose by Kelly Bingham and Paul O. Zelinsky

There are many alphabet books out there, but none that we’ve read so far have incorporated a credible storyline nor been as funny as this one. The premise of Z Is for Moose is an alphabet theatrical production run by the zebra, who seems to double up as both an actor and the stage manager of sorts. Thus, the animal/person/object representing each letter is introduced alphabetically onstage.

It starts off normal enough, with the apple, ball and cat going up on stage, but when it is duck’s turn, we see instead an over-enthusiastic moose taking up the stage and exasperating the zebra, who chases him off. Undeterred, the impatient moose barges in on other characters’ time on stage to hilarious results.


Finally, when it’s actually his turn to represent the letter M, he discovers that he has — gasp! — been replaced by someone else. Enraged, he then goes on a wild rampage, disrupting the entire production.

All’s well that ends well, however, and makes for a great cautionary tale about impatience as well as a sweet one about forgiveness and friendship. Kids who identify with the different emotions felt by the moose will also be comforted by the happy ending.

The illustrations in this book are the highlight here, being so expressive, animated and lively that what little dialogue between the moose and the other characters is enough to tell the story. We also thoroughly enjoyed the witty little details in the illustrations (starting from the copyright page!). A great big-kid alphabet book.

Check out the entertaining book trailer below:

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