Chomp! Zoo by Heather Brown

Just when I thought I couldn’t get excited about a ‘babyish’ board book again, having gone through too many titles to name with my two kids when they were younger, along comes a simple yet brilliant interactive board book like Chomp! Zoo that is good fun for all ages.

The text is no-frills — “Elephant trumpets”; “Gorilla grins”, etc. — so the appeal of this book lies in the clever cut-outs and close-up illustrations of animal faces that are coupled with a mechanism operated by a very sturdy pull-tab, which allows the teeth of the animals to open and close like they are chomping on something — hence the book title. (Check out our video preview on Instagram.)


OK, maybe that sounds a little cheesy and lame — and it could easily have been so, were it not so well executed — but it’s oddly fascinating, thanks to the great illustrations that deserve to be admired even without the gimmickry.

If you like this book, do check out Chomp! by the same author, which uses the same concept but applies it to other animals.