A Cup for Everyone by Yusuke Yonezu

Pucca is a little penguin whose father owns a cup shop. When the demand for his cups falls, however, he has no choice but to pack them up and try to sell them in the next village while Pucca stays at home. The little penguin decides to help his father so that they won’t have to be separated, and hits upon the idea of making personalised cups in unusual shapes. Soon, everyone wants one of these special cups, and father and son are reunited.


A Cup for Everyone is a sweet and inspiring story that shows how a little creativity, determination and heart can combine to accomplish something remarkable. I particularly loved how Pucca didn’t let the fact that he’s ‘just a kid’ stop him from proactively looking for ways to remedy the situation with his own ingenuity and imagination, instead of simply relying on a grown-up to save the day.

The illustrations by the author are equally heartwarming, and the final spread at the end showing all of Pucca’s creations will be a hit with kids who will want to pick their favourite designs.

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