The Sleepy Little Alphabet by Judy Sierra and Melissa Sweet

For children who are learning or are familiar with the alphabet, these 26 letters will be of very special interest to them: they love reciting and/or singing the alphabet song, and get excited when they spot and recognise individual letters, as if they are old pals. So, is it any wonder that letters have been personified in this book, à la Chicka Chicka Boom Boom?

The Sleepy Little Alphabet is a cute rhyming bedtime story starring the alphabet. In Alphabet Town, the moms and dads (i.e. the capital letters) are busy trying to get their little ones (i.e. the lowercase letters) to bed. But, as with most children, these littles get into all sorts of mischief before they are finally tucked into bed.


The illustrations of the letters are adorable and a highlight of this book, especially those of the cheeky little letters who are bursting with personality. My daughter, an avid alpha-girl herself, loves this book, and has made many requests for it to be read. A great bed- or anytime book for little fans of the alphabet!


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