The Girl with the Bird’s-Nest Hair by Sarah Dyer

Funny story: my son used to hate getting haircuts, so one fine day, I told him that if his hair got too long and bushy, birds would think it’s a nest and lay eggs in it. He bought it. Since then, he’d be the first to bug us to bring him for a haircut if he felt his hair was getting “too bushy”, haha! So, imagine my delight when I saw this book!

The Girl with the Bird’s-Nest Hair is a funny and original cautionary story of a little girl named Holly, who doesn’t like to get her long, messy, curly hair brushed — much to her mother’s chagrin. Then one morning, to Holly’s utter delight, a bird decides to roost in her hair. Soon, more and more birds settle into her hair, and they go wherever she goes. Meanwhile, her worried mom tries in vain to get her to brush her hair, but Holly doesn’t mind that the birds see her hair as a nest — that is, until the situation gets out of hand when some turkeys and a peacock come into the picture…


The book is written in rhyming prose that reads well enough, but we particularly enjoyed seeing the wacky scenarios brought to life by the colour-pencil artwork.


Like the author, the birds featured are all British, and the cool thing is, there’s a cute chart at the beginning and at the end of the book to encourage the reader to spot and identify all the birds that appear in the story. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed this book (and my son probably believes my tale now more than ever).

Check out this CBeebies (BBC) video reading:

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