Boom! by Mary Lyn Ray and Steven Salerno

Loud sounds in general can be discomforting, and incessant thunder, accompanied by flashing lightning and pouring rain, can be especially intimidating. As we’ve mentioned in our earlier review for the similarly themed and named Boom! Boom! Boom!, the best thing to do during such cold, stormy nights is to curl up in bed with a comforting book — better yet, one with a story set on a cold, stormy night.


The protagonist in Boom! is Rosie, a brave little dog with one small weakness: a fear of thunder. During a thunderstorm, her owner, a little boy, tries to comfort her by offering her treats and singing her songs, but to no avail.

He also comes up with imaginative explanations for the sound of thunder — such as “watermelons rolling from a watermelon truck” — but Rosie is inconsolable since she thinks it’s the sound of the “big big sky growling big big growls”. In the end, the boy and Rosie cuddle in his room and ride out the thunderstorm together.


This is a cute story that is a comforting read for kids who are afraid of thunder, particularly in how it gently illustrates that although thunderstorms can be scary, they don’t go on forever — that once the sky clears, everything will be back to as it always was, and brave little dogs (and boys and girls) can and will get through them, with or without a little help.

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