Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee

There’s something mysterious, magical and unfathomable about stars: whether they are the infinite ones twinkling above us in the night sky, or the ubiquitous five-point shapes that we draw and use to adorn everything we can think of, and which even babies can identify with certainty. And it is precisely this (non-scientific) mystique that this book — aptly titled Stars — attempts to explore.


While there isn’t really a story here and the text does seem a little disconnected, the ideas presented are quietly dreamy, whimsical and imaginative, and the overall message of the book is heartwarming. For instance, the idea of drawing and cutting out a shiny paper star to keep in one’s pocket or to give to a friend, is sweet; it’s also fun and magical to imagine snowflakes and dandelion seeds as stars. The illustrations by Marla Frazee, especially on the two-page spreads, are particularly evocative as well. A charming book for anyone who loves stars and/or believes in their magic.


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