My First Day by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

The birth of a child is a special event that parents look back upon fondly: it’s an amazing thing, particularly for a mother who has carried the baby in her womb for close to 40 weeks, to finally be able to hold her newborn in her arms and nurse him/her. Although, to be perfectly honest, the first month — let alone the first day — of most babies’ lives seems to pass in a blur, with the parents experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from exhilarating happiness and excitement to complete exhaustion and anxiety; on the other hand, babies themselves, upon being helplessly injected into the world, probably mostly care about two things in these early days of their lives: getting their fill of milk and sleep.

But not all babies are born helpless, as we find out in My First Day, a fascinating book about the “first days” of a wide range — 22, to be exact — of different animals, such as tigers, penguins, frogs, manatees, wildebeests and sea lions. We learn, for example that kiwi birds can look after themselves the moment they are hatched.


The amazing torn- and cut-paper collages — reminiscent of What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? by the same authors — are beautifully detailed, while the facts that are highlighted are enlightening and engaging.


Curious minds who want to learn more will also be happy to know that three pages at the back of the book are devoted to a more detailed write-up on the various animals that have been featured.

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