Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? by Eve Bunting and Sergio Ruzzier

As the title suggests, Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? tells the story of a duck who can’t find his beloved new blue socks and goes around asking his friends if they have seen them.

Created by the same author/illustrator pair behind Tweak Tweak, this book features the same muted colours and distinctive style of illustrations as the former, but is targeted at a younger audience and features less text and a simpler storyline.

blue socks2

The entire tale is also cleverly told in catchy rhyme, which makes it both fun to read and enjoyable for the little ones to listen to (and they will want to, over and over again, judging from our experience).

One of the first things that babies learn to say is ‘Where?’, since with this single word, they can effectively get help to locate, say, a favourite toy or person: very useful when you’re a tiny person with limited line-of-sight and mobility. Hence, this simple tale of lost and found will appeal to their most basic instincts. Younger readers will also get a kick out of the little twist at the end.

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