Fortunately by Remy Charlip

Originally published in 1964, Fortunately is the granddaddy of books that take wild plot twists to the extreme, in order to illustrate the idea of a good/fortunate event versus a bad/unfortunate one. For instance, the derivative 2011 book Unfortunately most definitely owes it a big debt of gratitude since it practically copied the concept wholesale; two other similar titles are Fortunately, Unfortunately and That’s Good! That’s Bad!. As we’ve previously described the general concept behind these books in our review on Unfortunately, we won’t go into it again.

True to their respective titles, however, the protagonist in Unfortunately suffers a sorry — albeit funny — end, while that in Fortunately enjoys a much happier ending. We also enjoyed the more old-fashioned hand-drawn style of illustrations here, which manage to be humorous and charming at the same time.


While the plot is, as you can imagine, wildly implausible and riddled with holes, it’s so fun to read that you’ll probably overlook that little detail and focus on enjoying the rollercoaster adventure.


3 thoughts on “Fortunately by Remy Charlip

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