123 Versus ABC by Mike Boldt

In order to successfully process information, it’s hard to avoid the presence of either numbers or letters. The fact is, even though they are often taught separately, in real life, we need both — often simultaneously.

In 123 versus ABC, letters and numbers are thus cleverly intertwined in an amusing story that will appeal to children who are already fairly familiar with numbers, counting and the alphabet.

The premise is this: the letters and numbers in the book, which have all been personified, are having an argument about whether said book is about numbers or letters.


Suddenly, an alligator shows up. The numbers immediately make an argument for their case by using the fact that there is 1 alligator; however, the letters also make a credible case by pointing out that ‘alligator’ begins with the letter ‘A’; soon, 2 bears arrive in 3 cars, followed by 4 dinosaurs holding 5 eggs, etc.


As the debate escalates, the letters progress and the number of items increase — eventually building up to a rather dramatic yet diplomatic finish.

Much of the fun in reading this book lies in anticipating the imaginative new ‘props’ that turn up in the story, and it’s a refreshing change from the usual alphabet or counting book since it manages to show the importance of both letters and numbers.

Check out the book trailer below:

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