Arlo’s ARTrageous Adventure! by David LaRochelle

Museums can seem somewhat stuffy to children, particularly since most museum-goers are pretty serious-looking people; also, there are many stifling rules that one must comply with, such as the fact that, usually, no one is allowed to touch any of the expensive exhibits — especially not curious and rambunctious children.

In Arlo’s ARTrageous Adventure!, the eponymous protagonist reluctantly follows his grandma to the art museum. As his grandma talks him through the proper etiquette and brings him around the museum, Arlo allows his imagination to run wild. Suddenly, the exhibits become a lot more exciting…


Using 50 flaps scattered throughout the book, which readers are encouraged to lift as they read, the author successfully and humorously juxtaposes Arlo’s grandma’s serious lecture and the museum’s ‘proper art’ with what Arlo sees in his mind when he looks at the exhibits.


Each flap conceals a creative and lighthearted alternative to the serious art pieces shown, and children will be tickled by the witty little details in the illustrations. A(rt)pparently, nothing — even a staid museum exhibition — is boring with the right attitude and, of course, a little imagination.

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