The Artful Alphabet by Martina Jarankova-Limbrick

The Artful Alphabet is quite possibly the most beautiful example of the done-to-death genre of children’s alphabet books — and the antithesis of the majority of, frankly, lazy, boring and uninspiring alphabet books produced solely to get a slice of the lucrative, evergreen parent-magnet pie.

Instead of simply plonking in generic or recycled photographs/artwork, a lot of thought has been given to every page in this book, which is filled with sumptuous, original illustrations born from the artist’s imagination.


Each inspiring spread is dedicated to the words and images associated with one particular letter, and the attention to detail is astounding: for instance, all the letters and words that appear in the spreads are not simply printed using a pre-set typeface, but painstakingly hand-inked individually by the artist — and it’s all been done so neatly and precisely that you’d be forgiven for thinking it is a font!


As with most of the ‘artsier’ alphabet books, this is not a book for toddlers who are still familiarising themselves with the alphabet, due to the small print and detailed illustrations. But anyone else — children included — who loves letters, words and art would enjoy poring over the beautiful illustrations, and discovering all the delightful little details on every page.


A is for amazing, B is for beautiful, C is for creative and D is for Don’t-miss-this-little-gem-of-a-book!

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