It Could Have Been Worse (AKA Lucky Little Mouse) by A. H. Benjamin and Tim Warnes

When something mildly unpleasant or unlucky happens, most people’s first instinct is to lament, “Why me?” While most of the time, things could theoretically be better, the converse is also true: no matter what scenario we find ourselves in, it is equally plausible that something more terrible or unlucky could have happened instead.

It Could Have Been Worse tells the story of a seemingly unfortunate mouse who gets himself into a series of minor scrapes and mishaps; what the oblivious mouse doesn’t realise — but which is clear to the readers through the dramatic illustrations — is that those same ‘mishaps’ were in fact very lucky breaks that prevented him from being eaten up by various predators time and again!


A great tale that gets kids to think twice before wallowing in self-pity, and encourages them to think positively, as well as to appreciate both the good and ostensibly ‘bad’ things that happen to them — after all, things could easily be much worse.


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