Ten Little Babies by Gyo Fujikawa

If there’s something that children enjoy looking at more than animals, it’s other children (and their own reflection, of course), so this counting book on babies is sure to be a big hit.

Accompanied by wryly humorous rhyming text, Ten Little Babies counts down from the number 10 — rather than up from the number 1, as is usually the case — and every double-page spread is a celebration of babies in all their wild, mischievous and adventurous glory, especially since boring adults are conveniently omitted altogether. And, honestly, illustrations of busy little babies don’t come cuter than that of Gyo Fujikawa’s in this adorable counting book.


We also enjoyed the unexpected twist at the end, which reads: “One happy baby / Alone having fun / He became a grownup / And then there were none”. A timely reminder that childhood is fleeting, and that kids should be free to be themselves and be allowed to have, as much as possible, unfettered fun.


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