Who’s Looking at You? by Stéphane Frattini

The cover of Who’s Looking at You? kind of sums up what it is all about. Featuring intriguing macrophotography and a clever lift-the-flap concept, this is a book that will literally get kids to see eye to eye with a wide variety of animals.


Every page focuses on a close-up photo of a mysterious unidentified eye, which kids will have fun making a guess as to whom it belongs, before lifting the large flap to reveal the answer as well as interesting nuggets about the featured animal/insect. By zooming in on this one feature for all the animals shown, kids can also easily make comparisons between them and appreciate their diversity.


The full-colour photographs used are large and clear, and the amount of information presented is just right for curious young minds to devour. A good variety of mammals, reptiles, sea creatures, birds and insects are represented here — in 16 large full-page flaps (and eight smaller photo-only flaps at the back) — and this book will help you see them all with new eyes.


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