In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck and Tricia Tusa

Most children have their own funny little quirks and preferences for how things ‘should be’, and most of the time, this is both amusing and endearing to witness, since it’s their way of asserting their individuality. Alas, sometimes, these seemingly trivial details can turn into hair-pulling nightmares for parents when kids refuse to fulfil various tasks because of these same not-so-funny-anymore idiosyncrasies.

Case in point: the little girl Alice in In a Blue Room, who attempts to use her inordinate love for the colour blue to try to delay her bedtime, by insisting on all things blue.


Fortunately, her very savvy mom is one step ahead of her and manages to brilliantly side-step her various protests by patiently distracting her with a host of sleep-inducing tricks, such as bringing sweet-smelling flowers to her room and covering her with a soft quilt — all of which, by the way, are not blue.


Hence, in spite of herself, Alice’s senses are gradually lulled into dreamland. Although, funnily enough, in the end, she does get her wish of sleeping in a blue room, though not exactly in the way that she’d imagined!

The softly spirited artwork by the talented illustrator brings out the sweetly playful mother-daughter dynamics that are played out in the gentle, soothing text, resulting in a beautiful and original bedtime-themed story that manages to be believable, yet also imaginative and dreamy.

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