Andrew Drew and Drew by Barney Saltzberg

The idea of taking a writing implement such as a purple crayon, a red marker or a red chalk and magically drawing things that become real, or portals to other lands, has been explored many times in children’s books; and while they are all wonderfully imaginative, I’ve always found that they seem to be aimed at children who are already somewhat proficient in drawing.

While Andrew Drew and Drew also features a protagonist with a writing implement — a pencil this time — it is inventive and creative in a way that doesn’t intimidate or overwhelm children who simply have an interest in art and enjoy doodling, even if their sketches don’t exactly resemble — at least to the ‘untrained’ eye — what they are intended to be.




Using numerous flaps and folds that effectively provide a delightful element of surprise, the author shows us how seemingly simple lines and random scrawls can develop into fantastic creations with a little imagination and practice. The end result is an inspiring book that will encourage little artists to keep doodling (and noodling) and, most importantly, to simply enjoy the creative process.

Check out the book trailer here:

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