Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg

Beautiful Oops! is a book that you probably won’t find in the library — not because it isn’t a good book, but because it is so intricately designed that all it takes is one excitable kid (and an inattentive parent) to destroy it for everyone else.


Sized perfectly for little hands, this lovingly put-together 18x18cm book is anything but square. Chockfull of delightful surprises such as die-cuts, creatively designed flaps and even an accordian-like element, every bright, glossy page of this irrepressibly positive book takes what we normally consider to be disastrous ‘mistakes’ — tears, spills, holes and even a ball of crumpled paper — and transforms them into delightfully witty works of art that will put a smile on anyone’s face — even perfectionistic grownups. For instance, a tear becomes the mouth of a crocodile, while a bent corner is turned into the head of a penguin.


An eye-opening book that shows that anyone can use their imagination and creativity to make the best out of any situation.

Check out the video preview here:

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