Time for Bed by Mem Fox and Jane Dyer

There’s something enchantingly simple, sweet and calming about the way the words flow in Time for Bed that makes it both a pleasure to read aloud and well as to listen to — an underrated quality that can make or break a children’s book, particularly one that is intended to be read to lull a child to sleep.

little calf little calf

The short rhyming couplet on each spread has an easy rhythm and makes reference to a different baby animal each time — complemented by a charmingly old-fashioned and muted watercolour illustration of the sleepy animal parent-and-offspring pair in question. And, ending off the book on just the right note is a mom tucking her cherubic child in bed: “The stars on high are shining bright — / Sweet dreams, my darling / Sleep well… / Good night”.

little bee little bee

A classic bedtime book that can rival Goodnight Moon in terms of its re-readability and timeless appeal.

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