The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers

In an amusing take on the idiom ‘being afraid of one’s own shadow’, The Black Rabbit is a cute story about a little white rabbit who is spooked by a certain ‘black rabbit’ who seems determined to follow him everywhere despite his best efforts to shake him off.


As the adorable illustrations plainly show, of course, black rabbit is not only completely benign, but he is also the little rabbit’s inescapable shadow.


Finally, the white rabbit manages to ‘elude’ the black rabbit by running into the deep dark wood, where, alas, he encounters a real and more pressing threat. Fortunately, an unexpected ally turns up to save the day, and in the end, white rabbit makes peace with his ‘black’ counterpart.

This is a funny and unexpected read that kids will enjoy because they are ‘in on the joke’, and also partly because they identify with the white rabbit’s somewhat understandable, albeit still irrational, fear when it is confronted with something that it does not understand, which mirrors the innocence of childhood where children tend to jump to conclusions about unfamiliar things and situations.

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