The Little Red Caboose by Marion Potter and Tibor Gergely

Little train lovers will be enthralled by The Little Red Caboose, an underdog story about an often-overlooked and unassuming little red caboose (the part of the train that houses accommodation for the crew, and which usually comes last) who becomes an overnight hero when he saves the train from rolling down the mountain with his sheer tenacity.


While the train in the story is an old-fashioned steam-powered freight train that looks nothing like a modern freight train, it won’t matter to the little ones who will enjoy learning about all the different (albeit outmoded) sections of the train all the same, especially when the accompanying full-colour classic illustrations are so irresistibly charming and packed with interesting details. Plus, it has a meaningful message about how anyone is capable of stepping up and accomplishing great things as long as they believe in themselves and do their best.


One thought on “The Little Red Caboose by Marion Potter and Tibor Gergely

  1. Would love to win this! My younger girl just learnt the word Caboose from her grand dad who gave her a little wooden train set and I was tickled!


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