The Short Giraffe by Neil Flory and Mark Cleary

It would seem — well, from children’s books at least — that many giraffes suffer from height issues. In a clever twist to the usual awkward-tall-giraffe tale, however, The Short Giraffe introduces us to Geri, “the shortest giraffe who ever lived”.

Thanks to this height discrepancy, a group photo session turns into a comedy of errors when the other giraffes try various wacky ways to get Geri up to their level, in order to get a good photo.


Only when a third-party observer intervenes do the giraffes realise that there’s more than one way for everyone to see eye-to-eye.


This is a short, amusing story that illustrates the point that compromise is a two-way street, and that sometimes, it’s easier to change something about yourself than to expect the other party to change to accommodate you.

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