Stop Thief! by Adam J. B. Lane

Everyone enjoys a little escapist fiction sometimes — kids included. Thus, Stop Thief! is exactly the kind of madcap, action-packed adventure that will appeal to kids, particularly boys.


When Randall confidently declares to his parents that he is a ‘big boy’ who no longer needs to sleep with his favourite stuffed pig, Mr. Pigglesworth, little does he know that this little act of bravado would lead to a harrowing night when he catches a burglar in the act of stealing the now-unguarded Mr. Pigglesworth. Naturally, Randall yells, “Stop thief!” — albeit in vain — and bravely gives chase as the robber races out of the house.


Kids will love the detailed two-page comic-style illustrations devoted to each chase location, especially since there are dotted lines that make it easy for them to track Randall’s pursuit of the thief through a zoo, a chocolate factory, a museum, a funfair and even a hot-air balloon! And, through it all, kids can yell, “Stop thief!” right along with Randall.

Naturally, this being a kid’s escapist fantasy, the grown-ups only show up after Randall proves his big-boy chops by saving the day — although, whether he still needs Mr. Pigglesworth to help him sleep is another matter altogether…

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