One Hungry Monster: A Counting Book in Rhyme by Susan Heyboer O’Keefe and Lynn Munsinger

What do you get when 10 hungry monsters invade a little boy’s house? As it turns out, surprisingly little bloodshed but a whole lot of mess and chaos — and a terrific counting book. The unique premise of One Hungry Monster sets it apart from the usual counting book since it reads like a fun story that just happens to offer opportunities for counting (as opposed to the many books that attempt the opposite).


Beginning with one hungry monster that shows up under his bed — which is later joined by one more at his closet, then another in the hallway, and so on — the spunky young protagonist goes around the house trying his best to contain the situation by rounding up all the monsters he finds and feeding them —and all without waking his oblivious sleeping father, too!


Children will be tickled by the expressive illustrations depicting the shenanigans of the mischievous monsters, while the fact that the fabulous rhyming text rolls off the tongue easily will be much appreciated by parents since this is one of those books that kids are likely to ask for over and over again.

Note: This board book is the abridged version of the original One Hungry Monster, which seems to be out of print. Check out the video reading below to see the full version.

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