The Beeman by Laurie Krebs and Valeria Cis

There are many reasons why bees — in particular, honeybees — are arguably the most fascinating species of insects on earth. First of all, they are the most prolific pollinators of plants on the planet, responsible for a whopping 80 percent(!) of the insect-pollinated crops that we consume, and thus, contributing greatly to our food supply. Then, of course, there is honey with its numerous nutritional and medicinal benefits, which is painstakingly made by bees and stored within the stunning architecture of the honeycomb. And finally, there is the impressive hierarchical structure within each bee colony, which keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Thus, with its attractive illustrations and simple and concise writing, The Beeman is a kid-friendly introduction to the wonderful world of bees.


Written in the voice of a child whose grandpa works as a beekeeper, or “beeman”, this book not only gives a warm and personal perspective of a beekeeper’s work, but also a comprehensive overview of both honeybees and beekeeping, including the beekeeper’s protective clothing and the equipment used to house the bees and harvest their honey, as well as the different types of bees in a colony and their various responsibilities. There is also a useful section at the back with a wealth of additional information on bees and beekeeping — and even a recipe for “Grandma’s Apple and Honey Muffins”, which feature in the story.


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