Did My Mother Do That? by Sharon Holt and Brian Lovelock

Some of my most memorable conversations with the kids have taken place during bedtime, when we are snuggling up in bed and doing some bedtime reading, or just generally winding down for the day. Hence, it’s easy to relate to the cozy setting of Did My Mother Do That?, which depicts an interesting bedtime conversation between the protagonist Holly and her father, after her mom heads out of the house. (It’s nice to see a dad coolly taking over the bedtime duties, too!)


Holly’s father decides to tell her about the night she was born, but is sidetracked (as conversations with children tend to be) by the curious little girl’s questions about other newborn animals and their parents, such as kangaroos, cats, owls, sharks and seahorses, before the conversation finally circles back to Holly and how her mother took care of her even before she was born, as well as her parents’ immense joy at her birth.


This is a very sweet and reassuring book on parental love that is perfect for bedtime reading. It’s also interesting to compare the different ways in which animals care for their newborns. I particularly appreciate how naturally each topic segues into another, as well as the believable and playful repartee between Holly and her father. It’s also nice to see that the illustrator drew the characters with Asian features, instead of making them Caucasian as seems to be the norm. #wewantdiversebooks

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