Bedtime for Mommy by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and LeUyen Pham

It’s no secret that little kids love to play pretend — and what’s more fun than playing the role of ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’? In Bedtime for Mommy, a little girl gets to do just that when the roles are reversed and she has to get her workaholic Mommy to go to bed — albeit at an unusually early 7.30pm.


What follows is a humorously illustrated play-by-play of a child’s typical bedtime routine with a grown-up twist: the girl has to get Mom to take a bath, vet her clothes for the next day, ‘read’ her a bedtime story (Anna Karenina!), and even contend with the usual familiar ‘kiddy’ delay tactics, like asking for more time, more bedtime stories and a cup of water — before finally tucking Mom in bed.


Parents will smile wryly at the familiar scenes and witty details in the illustrations, as well as the little girl’s sigh of relief when she completes her task — well, part I at least. Part II is Dad… And, unsurprisingly, she is knocked out completely by the time she manages to tuck both parents in bed.

Well, that’s what she thinks happened anyway… 7.30pm was awfully early for bedtime, wasn’t it? ;)

Check out the book trailer here:

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