Hat by Paul Hoppe

If you found something valuable and/or cool that someone left behind but which you have no way of returning to the owner, would you keep it (after all, finders keepers) or would you leave it where you found it, in case the owner comes looking for it — even if someone else may come along and take it away?


In Hat, Henry finds a red wide-brimmed hat while out for a walk with his mother, and gets excited by all the possibilities that it presents.


The only problem is, what if someone else needs it more?


Rather than a straightforward, moralistic tale, here, the author adopts a light-handed touch with exuberant and imaginative illustrations — of all the amazing things Henry can do with the hat, as well as the converse scenarios where the hat’s owner is in need of the hat under similar circumstances — that gently guide kids to put themselves in the shoes of another person, and come to their own considered conclusion of the ‘right thing’ to do.

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