Dustbin Dad by Peter Bently and Russell Ayto

Dustbin Dad is a hilarious cautionary tale (or, perhaps, tail) both for the kids who have a habit of not finishing the food on their plates, and for their parents who don’t like to see food go to waste and will thus dutifully eat up the leftovers. The eponymous dad in the book, however, goes a bit too far when he accidentally gobbles up an entire pot of medicinal brew meant for the family pet — needless to say, things soon get a little hairy for the family…


Written in rollicking rhyming verse that is a blast to read aloud, the humorous story is complemented perfectly by the comic-style graphics that look like they have been inked by hand, as well as the creative page layouts that manage to integrate the text and graphics seamlessly.


Due to the slightly sophisticated storyline and the at-times busy, infographic-style illustrations, however, the book is probably best appreciated by older children.

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