Daddies by Janet Frank and Tibor Gergely

Daddies is a sweet, somewhat old-fashioned — it was first published in 1953 after all! — book that celebrates fathers from all walks of life.


The short, rhyming text offers a smooth and quick read about all the jobs that different daddies do, and I particularly appreciate that the author took pains to feature fathers who work as something comparatively more ‘obscure’, such as construction workers, carpenters, clockmakers and writers, rather than the usual doctors, sailors, policemen and pilots — although those do feature as well. The full-colour vintage illustrations by Tibor Gergely also help to give kids a vivid idea of what all the different occupations entail.


The only minor quibble we have with the book is that it can’t help but reflect the 1950s mindset of fathers being the presumed breadwinners. However, what still qualifies this book as a classic is the heartwarming and timeless message behind the book, which is that no matter what they each do for a living, all fathers value being their children’s ‘Daddy’ most of all.

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