Oh, Daddy! by Bob Shea

Somehow, most moms gravitate towards the practical aspects of parenting, such as nutrition, clothing, hygiene, and instilling good manners, habits and discipline. While some fathers do take charge of such matters, most of the time, many dads don’t get enough credit for simply being, well, the fun, or more fun, parent — something that most of them, being somewhat overgrown kids themselves, naturally excel in.

The thing is, fun makes for great — beautiful even — memories, and that’s what daddies really do best: inject their special brand of levity and silliness into their children’s lives, and in the process teaching them that it’s OK not to take life too seriously.


Oh, Daddy! is the tale of one such fun (hippo) daddy, as told from the perspective of his precocious son. Apparently, this particular daddy is so silly that he doesn’t know how to get dressed in the morning, get in the car quickly, eat carrots, etc., and needs his son to show him how — all by way of example, of course.


The simple but expressive illustrations that look like a mixture of hand-drawn doodles and digital art, however, tell a different story — with the barely concealed mirth of the grown-ups in the story being a big conspiratorial wink to readers. A sweet and funny story that fun dads — and moms! — will enjoy as much as their kids.

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