Picasso’s Trousers by Nicholas Allan

In order to create art, let alone great art, one must be daring and imaginative, and see the world in a resolutely different way. As such, it’s no surprise that great artists are often described as ‘eccentric’ since they don’t compromise their point of view to conform to plebeianistic expectations. And thank goodness for that.

Channeling the spirit of the artist in question, Picasso’s Trousers is a refreshingly original and entertaining child-friendly biography that is spot-on in its humorous approach to introducing to kids one of most groundbreaking artists who ever lived.


The text is concise but informative, and uses repetition well: “They said ‘No! No! No! Picasso!’, but Picasso said ‘Yes!'” — a clever and straightforward way to express how Picasso wasn’t afraid to stick to his guns when faced with naysayers and critics.


A good range of the artist’s work has been reproduced by the author, such as Picasso’s abstract portraits and examples from his Blue and Rose series, so young readers are able to get a sense of his unique eye and quirky style.

p.s. Look out for the cheeky ending (pun intended)!

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