Found by Salina Yoon

In Found, Bear finds a toy bunny in the forest and tries his best to search for its ‘family’. As Bear spends more time with the bunny, however, he finds himself being emotionally conflicted between his wish to keep it and his empathy for the bunny’s family — especially since no one comes to claim it… Until one day, someone does.


The style of illustration in this book has a wide appeal, particularly to kids, thanks to the thick outlines and saturated colours. The characters are also well designed: distinct, yet unthreatening and likeable. In particular, the scenes of Bear carrying the bunny in a rucksack while pasting adorable ‘Found’ flyers all around the forest are impossibly endearing. (The hilariously clever ‘Lost’ notices below, as well as on the endpapers, are also an inspired touch.)


The heartwarming conclusion to this sweetly crafted story on companionship and friendship will also resonate with anyone who knows what it’s like to lose — or almost lose — something that they care about. Although, perhaps some things are lost so that they can be found again — by the right person.

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