Lost Cat by C. Roger Mader

One of the biggest worries when it comes to packing, whether it’s to move to a new house, or when you’re going for or returning from a holiday, is forgetting something and leaving it behind. In what must be every pet owner’s nightmare, the family in Lost Cat accidentally leave their pet cat behind in the midst of their house-moving frenzy.

As for their cat Slipper, well, I think we can all surmise how it feels to be stranded and abandoned (albeit not on purpose), not least from those big, sad peepers staring out from the book cover.


When Slipper — probably named for her penchant for snuggling up to her erstwhile owner’s fuzzy house slippers — realises that she has been accidentally left behind in the family’s old house, the intrepid cat is undaunted and embarks on a journey to find herself a new home. True to her name, however, Slipper doesn’t settle for just anyone — only if the shoe fits… And apparently, sometimes, people can be judged by their choice of footwear!


From cover to cover, the full-spread pastel illustrations are breathtakingly realistic, from the feline expressions and body language to the various footwear that are so essential to the story. That the story and illustrations are done from the lost cat’s perspective, rather than from the ‘finder’s’ point of view, as is often the case, is a refreshing change.

The unexpected twist in the tale also brings the story sweetly full circle for a perfect fairytale ending that will especially tug at the heartstrings of cat and pet lovers.

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