Shoes for Me! by Sue Fliess and Mike Laughead

While children may own dozens of pieces of clothing which they can mix and match around with such that each item gets worn at most twice a week, unless their parents are unusually indulgent, most own an average of just two to three pairs of shoes that suffice to take them through all their traipsing and adventuring for the entire year — it’s no wonder that some kids are emotionally attached to their faithful sole companions!

Consequently, getting a new pair of shoes is cause for excitement since it usually means that the child has outgrown his or her old (and well-worn) ones.


As such, Shoes for Me! is very relatable for children who understand the little hippo protagonist’s joyful enthusiasm when her mom brings her shoe shopping. Written in rhyming prose, the book takes the reader through the entire process of her search for just the right pair of shoes and showcases a wide variety of footwear along the way.


While the illustrations seem oddly washed out and could probably have been done in a more appealing style, this is just an adult quibble since the two little shoeholics to whom I read this book multiple times didn’t seem to mind them one bit.

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