Nuts to You! by Lois Ehlert

Nuts to You! is a cute account of a rascally squirrel’s foraging adventure, as observed by a justifiably excited child. The first-person reporting style and lively rhyming text also allow the reader to vicariously experience the child’s obvious thrill about having such a close brush with the squirrel.


The strikingly bold and colourful paper-collage-style illustrations are a feast for the eyes, and I love how the artist has made the effort to include other flora and fauna that are relevant to the setting of the story. Plus, every plant and bird that appears in the pages is accurately portrayed and discreetly labelled to satisfy curious minds. There are also four pages at the back of the book with interesting facts that will be great for the older readers who want to find out more about the bushy-tailed creatures.


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