Animals Upside Down by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

We’re big fans of the dynamic duo of Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, who create stunning non-fiction picture books that really appeal to children. The Caldecott Honor What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? — which we own and reviewed previously — is my son’s favourite non-fiction book. Well, at least it was until he was introduced to Animals Upside Down.


Both books feature Jenkins’s signature torn- and cut-paper collages, which he manages to engineer into illustrations that are amazingly true to life. I also love how well-researched and edited the thematic books are, with bite-sized facts in simple language that four-year-olds can understand and remember.


This particular book on animals that turn upside-down for various reasons, of course, goes one step further with interactive pull-outs, lift-the-flaps and even pop-ups that ensure that every page is engaging even for kids around 2-3yo — although, naturally, with the littler ones, you do have to be vigilant and remind them to be gentle when they handle the book to prevent any tragic book accidents!

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