Lately Lily by Micah Player

Thanks to the democratisation of air travel, a global economy and parents’ changing mindsets about travelling with children in tow, we’re now witnessing the advent of a new generation of very lucky — and, dare I say, privileged — tots who think nothing of hopping on a plane and arriving hours later in a foreign land halfway across the world. Thus, Lately Lily is one of the few children’s books that have managed to capture the zeitgeist of today’s mini globetrotters.


Written in the voice of the savvy eponymous adventuress, Lily, we see snippets of her jet-setting lifestyle as she, accompanied by her trusty stuffed companion Zeborah, tags along with her parents to various cities, trying various forms of transportation along the way and making new friends from all over the world.


I particularly love how well the author has conveyed — via both the concise but comprehensive text as well as the vibrant retro-modern illustrations — Lily’s unflagging enthusiasm and commendable spirit of adventure, which see her embracing new cultures and experiences, and taking the time to keep a travel journal.

All in all, this is a wonderful book that really captures the essence of travelling — even for children who have not done so before — and opens up the minds of little ones to the many adventures that await them in the big wide world beyond.

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