Flap Your Wings by P.D. Eastman

A case of mistaken identity results in Mr. and Mrs. Bird having to contend with a strange egg in their nest. However, not only do they not try to get rid of the egg, but they look after it as if it were their very own — never mind that it is so big that both of them can sit on it at the same time! And even when the egg hatches and the baby looks nothing like them — or like any bird, for that matter — they try their darnedest to feed and nurture it until the time comes for it to fly (or attempt to, anyway) the roost.


While the author’s lively illustrations in Flap Your Wings effectively highlight the humour and absurdity of the situation, it is Mr. and Mrs. Bird’s big-hearted parenting philosophies that form the emotional backbone of the story.


To quote the wise Mr. Bird, “If an egg is in your nest, you sit on it and keep it warm. It doesn’t matter whose egg it is.”


Indeed, their generosity is nothing less than inspiring and heartwarming; and although the word ‘adoption’ is never mentioned, this sweetly touching book can aid adoptive parents in reassuring their child of their unconditional love.

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