Arnold Lobel’s I Can Read Books

While his Frog and Toad books (which I’ve reviewed previously) are arguably his most famous works, Arnold Lobel actually wrote six other titles in the ‘I Can Read’ easy-reader series: Uncle Elephant, Mouse Soup, Mouse Tales, Owl at Home, Grasshopper on the Road and Small Pig. And, the best thing is, they are all equally amazing.

There are easy readers, and then there are Arnold Lobel’s stories. And here I should probably warn you that once you’ve read the latter, the experience will spoil you for anything else that fails to match up to the extraordinarily high standards that he’d set.


The thing about these books is that they are only considered ‘easy readers’ because he wrote using the plainest, most simple words, but the stories he spun out of them were anything but. Indeed everything he wrote has such profound truth, wisdom and heart that I would strongly recommend his books to anyone from the age of four to a hundred.


In fact, Uncle Elephant (from which the images in this post are derived) might just be one of the best books I’ve ever read, bar none.

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