The Mouse Who Ate the Moon by Petr Horacek

There’s just something about the moon that evokes feelings of wistful nostalgia, mystery… and hunger — at least that’s the impression we get from some of the children’s books we’ve reviewed, like Mooncake, Sidney, Stella and the Moon and now, The Mouse Who Ate the Moon.


In this book, Little Mouse finds a rather suspiciously succulent piece of the moon and can’t resist taking a bite — or five — of it. After eating, however, he feels terrible about what he has done, especially since with a chunk of it in his stomach, the beautiful moon will never be round again… or will it?


While readers are let in on the ol’ not-unpredictable mistaken-identity trope from the start, the book’s central theme of friendship gives it an endearing spin, while its smooth execution — in particular, the winsome illustrations in a soothing colour palette, the strategic cutouts and the creatively designed peekaboo pages — makes for an inviting and tactile read.

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