Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli

Sam is used to being the top dog, so to speak, on the race track. Then one day, an unexpected loss threatens to derail his winning streak and — more disastrously — his relationship with his friends. Only when faced with a moral dilemma does he finally realise that losing a race is small potatoes compared to doing the right thing and winning the respect of his friends.


The author is a screenprinting wizard who has used the technique for his debut picture book The Watermelon Seed to great acclaim. So it’s no surprise that the similarly strong and visually appealing graphics in Number One Sam were also created using spot colours — but this time with four colours instead of The Watermelon Seed’s three.


Like Sam, you’ll probably speed through this book since the text is kept simple and succinct, with only one or two lines per page — but that’s a good thing since it manages to get its message across without sounding overly didactic.

Check out the book trailer below:

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